Lpg Stove Parts


A simple burner design is round in shape with n no. of holes in the Centre. The geometry as well as the precision of these holes is the most important as it helps in maintaining the efficiency Burner is an Integral part of LPG stove. An improper burner design can give a blue flame thereby decreasing the efficiency of the LPG stove. Burners are made of mostly brass or Cast Iron. However JAYTEE GROUP plans to make only Cast iron burners only as it has huge demand in the domestic market. Also the 5 crore connections of LPG stoves announced by the recent government to be given to families who are below poverty line also have to be fitted with CI (Cast Iron) burners as they are more cost effective. That is the reason for a huge jump in the demand of CI burners.

Each burner set includes a big burner as well as a small burner. A big burner normally has 140 holes of 1.8 mm dia and a small size burner has 120 holes of 1.8 mm dia. The company plans to buy CI casting of requisite shape and size from outside and do all the machining and drilling operations in house.

Ours is the only factory in India which is making the burners on CNC controlled machines thereby achieving excellent quality of burners and 0 % rejections.

Pan Supports

As the name suggests pan supports are employed on an LPG stove to support all kinds of utensils on the LPG stove. It is a black powder coated part with 4 prongs projected from 4 sides. Our firm Jaytee engineering works is employed in the manufacturing of these pan supports. We are making mostly all the models of pan supports. Some of our models are shown here in the pictures below