Pressure Cooker Parts

We bring forth a broad range of best quality pressure cooker parts, that are available in precise dimensions and various sizes & finishes. Made using finest grade of materials, these pressure cooker parts last for long period of time. We offer them in bulk quantities and proper packaging to ensure their safe delivery to our clients.

1. Pressure relief device (PRD)

Commonly known as weight set for Pressure Cooker. This Device is used for releasing the pressure inside the pressure cooker. It consists of a weight which is kept on top of a vent tube. This vent tube has a hole in the middle through which steam comes out and lifts the weight thereby releasing some pressure inside the pressure cooker. The lifting and dropping of this weight thereby helps in maintaining the pressure inside the pressure cooker. A PRD consists of following parts :

(a) Vent Seal Pin (SS)
(b) Cap (SS or Nylon)
(c) Top Nut (Nylon or SS)
(d) Spring (SS)
(e) Side Pins (SS)
(f) Aluminum Nut (SS)

2. Aluminum safety valve

We are well-recognized as one of the foremost manufactures of Aluminum safety valves. We offer the best quality and ensure every safety valve we manufacture is made of Hindalco aluminium rod and ensures great safety. All our safety valves are filled with lead free fusible alloy which is manufactured by us and is our patented product. These valves meet the quality standards, manufactured with proven technology, and will perform optimally in any pressure cooker.

We offer customized safety valve according to shape, size and design.

3.Rubber Gasket

We offer the best quality pressure cooker gasket. These rubber gaskets are available in different sizes and thickness to meet client specific requirements and can be used in all type pressure cooker. Our gaskets are prepared using high grade raw materials to ensure high performance and durability.

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